the 2008 election has been an incredible campaign for so many reasons. but something I've noticed, and many others have as well, is how interesting and unique the campaign artwork has been. and though there have been a number of individual blog posts that showcase the art of the campaign, there isn't to my knowledge any single blog that's actually devoted to it.

until now. the moment you've been waiting for. which you're probably reading well after I've posted this.

please join me as I explore the various ways the two sides are using art and design to get their message across and sell their respective candidates. I'll be cataloging poster art, gallery art, stickers, buttons, yard signs, and anything else that catches my eye. please feel free to contribute your own links and pictures by emailing me or adding your comments.

I also plan to post links to political stories that interest me, and maybe a few other things as well. but the initial intent is really to focus on the art of the election. it's going to be a really fascinating and entertaining season.

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